TOP & PRIME Patent Law Firm
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  Consulting on Intellectual Property and General Laws
Consulting on a series of procedures of domestic and overseas intellectual property (IP) related to patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, copyrights, etc., related provisions, and general laws
  Domestic and overseas IP matters
Full Services for obtaining the grant of Korean or foreign patents, utility models, designs and trademarks
All procedures for obtaining the grant of IP (patents, utility models, designs, trademarks) in the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and foreign Patent Offices in association with foreign IP attorneys to acquire legal protection of created inventions and ideas
  Opposition and Counteraction to Opposition
Opposition to the Grant of IP and Counteraction to Opposition
Filing an opposition to the grant of IP of another person under the unregistrable circumstances in violation of the provisions, or counteracting against a notice of opposition filed by another person
  Trial and Litigation
All types of Trials Related to IP & Civil and Criminal Actions Including Patent Litigation
Requesting an invalidation trial, a cancellation trial and a trial to confirm the scope of a patent right for infringement on the grant of IP, and filing an appeal against a decision to refuse an application, and making a suit for cancellation of a trial decision on the appeal issued by the Intellectual Property Tribunal (IPT) before the Korean Patent Court or the Supreme court, instituting actions against an infringement on IP matters and general litigation matters before the court
  Transfer of IP Rights
Assignment and License of IP Rights
Assignment or acquisition procedures of IP rights and preparation of contracts for licensing of the IP rights between concerned parties, and all related procedures before the KIPO
  Search and Analysis of Related Technology
Search of Related Technology and Prior-registered Trademarks
Conducting a search for prior arts of related technology fields or prior-registered trademarks before filing applications, and for published technology in specific technology fields, and providing search result with an attorney's specialized opinion
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